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Affordable housing is meant to be an umbrella research project it is concerned with planning, design, building materials and construction methods to provide, improve and deliver shelter for all. The project covers many areas in housing such as:

   -   services (water supply, drainage, electricity …..Etc).
   -   Land (plots, streets and open space).
   - Policies.
   -  Material contraction methods.
   -  Cultural and functional aspects
    - Environmental aspects
    - Cost and financial aspects

Objectives of the Project

Low Cost Housing Researches

   - to study the possibility of providing affordable housing for citizens with adequate services (essential services  and social services).
  -   Implementation of the research findings into proto- types.
   -  to develop design and construction methodology for affordable housing with adequate services (essential and social services).
  -   to implement the research findings to proto- types

The project covers many areas in housing such as:

-    Services (water supply, drainage,     electricity …..etc).
-  Land use (plots, streets and open space).
-   Policies.
- Material and construction methods.
 -  Cultural and functional aspects
 - Environmental aspects  Cost and financial aspects


1- Evaluation of Investment Site and Services schemes in the capital.
2- Evaluation of housing policies.
3- Use of p.t.a. for production of low cost cementations material (lime mortar + p.t.a)-.
4- Study of low cost ceiling from bricks and steel.
5- Availability and characterization of building materials in Khartoum State.
6- Low cost foundations for light structures.
7- popular Housing Choice and Density.
8- Evaluation of Site and services projects in Greater Khartoum.


        Conduct research to develop and/or adapt known engineering solutions in the geotechnical field to suit conditions of soils in the Sudan.
        Conduct research to help find suitable solutions for foundation problems in the Sudan with special emphasis on foundations on expansive clays.
        Build up a reserve of information about the characteristics of Sudan soils for use in the design of engineering structures.
        Carry out the investigations to help determine types of foundations suitable for the different types of engineering structures and construction materials suitable for earth structures.


Current Researches:

Research Name


Student Name

Effect of matric suction on the shear strength of compacted highly plastic soils

D. Ahmed M. Elsharief

Omaima Abdin A. Aziz (Msc)

Effect of physico – chemical properties on the swelling potential of expansive soils from Sudan

D. Ahmed M. Elsharief

Mai A. Rahim Sufian (Msc)

Special variability in soil properties in the clay plains of Sudan

D. Ahmed M. Elsharief

Iglal Hassan Ahmed (Msc)

Bearing capacity of layered soils

D. Ahmed M. Elsharief

Layla Omer Elkarib (Msc)

Lime stabilization of expansive soils for road construction

D. Ahmed M. Elsharief

Adil Abdalla M. Ehassan (PHD)

Characterization and improvement of unbound materials in Khartoum

D. Ahmed M. Elsharief

Omer Graham (PHD)

Bearing capacity of steel pipe piles in swelling soils

D. Ahmed M. Elsharief

Rasha Abu Elgasim A. Rahman (Msc)

Bearing Capacity of Bored  Piles using CPT

D. Abd Elkarim M. Zain

Samah Badr Eldin (Msc)

Use of CPT to predict bearing capacity of bored piles

D. Abd Elkarim M. Zain

Enass Mutasim (Msc)

Effect of Grain  size characteristics on the relative density of cohessionless soils

D. Abd Elkarim M. Zain

Bara Abd alla (Msc)

Use of lime and gypsum for improving the geotechnical properties of River Nile soil deposits

D. Abd Elkarim M. Zain


Analysis of combined piled raft foundation

D. Abd Elkarim M. Zain

Mohamed Abd Elbagi (Msc)

Numerical analysis of tunnels in expansive soils

D. Abd Elkarim M. Zain

Ahmed Abd Elrahman (Msc)

Analysis and computation of foundation in expansive soil: PLAXIS Practice

D. Abd Elkarim M. Zain

Yasir sied (Msc)

D. Abd Elkarim M. Zain

D. Abd Elkarim M. Zain

Nahed Fathi Taha Mohamed (Msc)

Prediction of geotechnical Map of Sudan

D. Abd Elkarim M. Zain

Safa Abd Elrahman Abd Elgaleel (Msc)

Response of foundations subjected to dynamic load in compacted fill soil

D.Hussien Elarabi

Basher Habeeb Alla Osman (PHD)

Micro piles for structural support

D.Hussien Elarabi

Amin Ahmed Abbas (Msc)

Rising of Water table effects on Building

D. Mohamed Ahmed Osman

Nada Abd Elrahman (Msc)

Geopier Foundation

D. Mohamed Ahmed Osman

Salma Hisham (Msc)

Effect of ground water rise on building

D. Mohamed Ahmed Osman

Maher Mohamed Ahmed (Msc)

Improving bearing capacity of weak soils under isolated footing, using soil reinforcement technique

D. Mohamed Ahmed Osman

Salwa Kamal Eldeen Mohamed (Msc)

An experimental study on collapsible soils in Omdurman town

D. Mohamed Ahmed Osman

Wael Osman (Msc)

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