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1. M.Sc. in Construction Technology
2. M.Sc. in Road Technology
For more information:
Dr. Elhussein Ahmed Elhussein Elarabi

Course Coordinator

Building and Road Research Institute (BRRI)

University of Khartoum

P.O Box 321 Khartoum

Tel: +249183781412  +249183774522

Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Building and Road Research Institute (BRRI) is an independent unit within the University of Khartoum. Apart from the post graduate studies, its main functions are to provide a kink with the Building and Construction Industry, and to provide testing facilities for private and public sectors as well as solutions for its problems through applied research. The success of these activities is mainly attributed to the availability of highly qualified staff, very well equipped laboratories and advanced field equipment in addition to a good library with the newly added feature of internet linkages. Moreover, researchers can have easy access to the computer laboratory.

Why an M.sc. (by courses)?

In view in the urgent need to raise the standard of a wide spectrum of engineers in the field of the buildings and roads and in order to inject new valuable developments in these fields, it is felt necessary to start diversified courses leading to an M.Sc. degree in Building Technology. The course addresses newly graduated civil engineers, practicing engineers, researchers as well as newly recruited teaching staff.


The courses aim at:

1. Widening engineers’ information base by offering special courses dealing with different aspects of the subject of specialization.

2. Enabling engineer to assimilate and be familiar with the most sophisticated methods and advancements in science and engineering materials.

3. Upgrading the theoretical and practical abilities of the engineers with special emphasis on local problems related to performance of buildings and structures.

4. Training and upgrading the knowledge of engineers working in the implementation of development projects.

5. Providing society with highly qualified engineers the field of building industry.

6. Training of engineers to conduct scientific research.



1. Offering a variety of theoretical courses.

2. Conducting laboratory and field tests.

3. Organization of seminars.

4. Visits to construction sites.

5. Partial fulfillment research project.

Admission Requirements:

    B.Sc. (Eng.) honours degree in Civil Engineering

Duration of Courses:

Two academic years.

1. The first year consist of two Semester Study courses.

Each semester consists of 1- week courses followed by examinations.

2. The 2nd year is devoted to the partial fulfillment research project.

Course Content:

The study programme consists of twelve Courses, Eight of which are compulsory, while Four are optional. Each Semester consists of four compulsory courses and two optional.

Compulsary Courses:

1. Cements and Cementituous Materials.

2. Concrete Technology.

3. Reinforced Concrete Design.

4. Design of Brickworks.

5. Design of Steel Structures.

6. Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering.

7. Failure and Rehabilitation of Building.

8. Construction Management.

Elective Courses:

Group A:

    Structural Ceramics.
    Timber Technology.

Group B:

    Design of Foundation on Expansive soils.
    Earth Structures

Group C:

    Numerical analysis and Finite Elements Method.
    Application of Computer in Building Technology.

Group D:

    Probability and Statics.
    Computer Programming.


Home Students:

1st year

2nd year

Foreign students are advised to contact Registrar of Graduate College.

Tel: +249183778128

Staff Members:

The institute has a graduate group of staff consisting of:

a) 5 Associate Professors.

b) 4 assistant professors.

c) One lecturer.

Date of Commencement:

Yearly at Mid July.

Application Forms:

To be collected from:

Registrar of post-graduate College.

University of Khartoum.

Tel: +249183778128.

For further information:

Please contact or write to:

Dr. Elhussein Ahmed Elhussein El Arabi   Dr. Elhussein Ahmed Elhussein El Arabi

Course Coordinator,

Building and Road Research Institute (BRRI)

University of Khartoum

P.O Box 321 Khartoum

Tel: +249183781412  +249183774522

Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.