The department is conducts research and design studies to develop methods, tools and technologies related to architecture, urban design, Physical planning and sanitary and drainage systems in buildings.


Conduct research, collect information and develop techniques and tools for design aids and planning control which deal with:

    Spatial requirements of the various activities and the spatial organization of building elements.
    The effects of the environmental physical fields and the psycho-physical requirements of man, with special reference to the Sudan.
    Building economics and the methods of cost reduction at the different stages of the process: design, construction maintenance and provision of services.
    Short and long-term structural planning covering all relevant aspects of physical, economical, social, transportation and corporate planning.
    Sanitation systems for Sudan: Low-cost alternatives to fully-sewered systems.

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Current Research

    Design Study in affordable Housing -Medium Density Residential Compunds, 2010- up to date

           Study Coordinator: Dr. Zuhal Eltayeb Awad

    Design Study for Prototypes of Small Size Mosques, 2011 - up to date

         Study Coordinator: Arch. Maysoon Mustafa Badi

    Design Study for Prototypes of Schools (under planning)

          Arch. Ahmed Abo Albishr Atta Elmanan

    Evaulation of Ivestment Site & Services Projects in Greater Khartoum

         Dr. Zuahl Eltayeb Awad Diab

    Residential Density: Concept and Practice in Khartoum –Sudan

            Dr. Zuahl Eltayeb Awad Diab

    Mapping of Building Densities in Greater Khartoum

         Arch. Maysoon Mustafa Badi

Our services

The department provides a range of services related to architecture and physical planning including design, redesign, evaluation and specialized consultancy.

Recently introduced to the range of services we provide is the conduction of thermal, humidity and acoustic measurements supported by our newly established Environmental lab.

    Design and Planning Studies

    Evaluation of architectural designs

    Evaluation of existing Buildings

    Environmental performance analysis for existing buildings

    supervision of construction and maintenance projects

Our Team

  Arch. Maysoon Mustafa Hassan Badimaysoon badi


Arch. Ahmed Abo Elbishr Atta Elmanan

Teaching Assistant


Arch. Mudathir Mustafa

Architect, Head Technician


Arch. Mohammed Eltayeb



Eng. Abdalla Faisal

Lab Technician

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