The senior management structure of the BRRI consists of the following roles:
Zuhal El Tayeb Awad Mohamed
The Director is appointed by the Chairman of the University Council on the recommendation of the Vice Chancellor for a period of time as specified by the University ACT.
she is responsible, to the Vice-Chancellor, for the general administration of the Institute and is generally responsible for the fulfillment of the functions and objectives of the Institute. The Director runs the Institute in accordance with the policy laid down by the Board and is assisted by the Heads of Departments who are responsible to him for the activities of the Institute in their respective fields.
The Academic Committee
The Academic Committee, chaired by the Director, consists of the senior academic staff of the Institute. Deputy Dean for Fundemental and Engineering Sciences, Graduate College. Deputy Dean for academic affairs of the Faculty of Engineering & Architecture, Heads of relevant departments of the Faculty of Engineeering and Arch., and the Faculty of Science.
The Academic Committee has the following functions:
1. To advise the Board on matters of policy, research priorities, post graduate studies and training.
2. To approve research projects and to consider priorities of services to be offered, in accordance with the policies of the institute.
3. To approve vocational training courses and to recommend to the Board the award of Diplomas and Certificates of the Institute.
4. To approve the publications of the Institute.
5. To formulate and recommend to the Board, the Postgraduate programmes and Curricula.
6. To recommend to the Council of the Postgraduate College, the approval of the post graduate examination results.
7. To initiate and approve the organization of Symposia, Seminars and Workshops.